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Stowe Area Fishing Report


June 13, 2013 : It was a good week before the rains came and blew the rivers out again. The Lamoille was fishing good and some absoluet hogs were caught at a lake North of Stowe. Smallies over 4lbs. and a 20" Rainbow on a Clouser Minnow....pretty wild! Back to the lakes until the rivers come down. Look on the positive side though, all of the rain sets us up well going in to summer!

May 11, 2013: Even with the low flows and incoming cold front, the 2013 Guiding Season started off with a bang here at the Nordic Barn on Saturday. Browns were the fish of the day on a small Lamoille River tributary, taking nymphs and streamers whenever the sun would duck behind the clouds. The fish were active and weren't afraid to move even 10 or 15 feet to swipe at the fly. Despite their energy, they wouldn't rise to the surface for the few bugs that were hatching.

September 12, 2012: Cooler temps have perked up the trout and morning fishing on the Lamoille has been good this week. Not much for rising fish but I was still taking them on top with attractor flies. Smallies downstream are still hitting flies but not quite as feverishly as they were a few weeks ago. Mountain streams are pretty low and clear despite the main river looking much better than it has for the majority of the summer. Get out there and enjoy yourself!

August 31, 2012: When the mid-summer rivers are this low and clear you have to sneak up on the fish- approach from downstream and make big casts with long, fine leaders. Of course it helps when you can see the fish from a distance, and that’s where polarized glasses come in.

Since we’re carrying their glasses at the shop, Tifosi sent me a couple pairs of their polarized line to field test, and that meant leaving my tried & true Natives in the barn. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I’m hooked on the Dolomites with the Smoke Polarized lenses.

They fit snugly enough that sunlight doesn’t creep in around the frames which is really important to me. Even better, they are ventilated well enough that they don’t fog up – even under the brim of my cap- on the hot and humid August hike up to Sterling Pond….something other glasses I have tend to do.

These glasses typically sell for $59-$79 (about $50 less than my last pair) with lenses and frames that are quite comparable. They are definitely worth stopping in and checking out!

August 25, 2012: We've had some great trips lately fishing mostly for river smallies on the fly. The fish have been cooperative and even the beginner clients have quickly picked up on the techniques to hook them and bring them to hand. We're still catching them on terrestrials, but small poppers have been the fly of choice. catching them on terrestrials, but small poppers have been the fly of choice.

In other news, flying ants have finally started showing up on the Lamoille River around Johnson, about 2 or 3 weeks later than their cousins over near the Winooski. Enjoy the hatch but becareful of the water temperature...give them a breat when it's approaching 70+ degrees!

August 8, 2012: Had a good week guiding for smallies in both rivers and lakes. The bass were cooperative at all times of the day and some really nice fish were caught. I can't say enough how much having nice, fun clients make guiding more fun. Thanks to all who fished with us! For more photos, check out our facebook page.

If something wasn't working, we move on to the next approach and it wasn't long until we got them! Hoppers, crawfish and my Chernoybl Ant patterns drew tons of strikes on the fly rods this week while topwater and soft plastic worms did the trick with the spinning gear.

July 9, 2012: I think it was the unseasonably cool night time temps that made the fishing so great today. Water temps in the low 60's early on the Lamoille River and the trout were cooperative. A lot of good rainbows feeding sub-surface, and one great fish that broke off. Looking forward to similar conditions over the next couple days with daily highs only reaching the low 70's.



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